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How to polish silver

Forget about baking soda, vinegar, boiling water and any home DIY remedies. Our very own silver polisher Lawrence reveals all on how to enhance the silver lining.

Before we deliver any of our silverware to our clients, we make sure that it is polished to perfection – after all the shine is what we’re after. Here’s a step to step process Lawrence has to go through to get that quality finish.

Step 1: Sand down the silver with grease to take off any rough residue using a sand buffer – this helps take out most of the imperfections.

Step 2: Apply heavy grease with a compound (foam or fibre pads attached to the head of the spindle) to help enhance the brightness of the silver. The compound helps to spread the heavy grease evenly.

Step 3: Then apply the finishing compound to take off any spin lines and remaining imperfections.

Step 4: Finally, buff the silver to remove any leftover residue from the finishing compound. It will also enhance the lustre of the silver to give it that sparkle and beautiful finish.

Well there you have it – it may sound simple but it takes a lot of skill and dedication. What would we do without you Lawrence?

Love from,

The Broadway Team

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Meet the team – My first day at Broadway Silver HQ


“Would you like a cup of tea?”– were the first words I heard when I stepped into Broadway Silver HQ – it was from then on I knew I would fit right in.

I was offered the role of a Social Media Executive/Copywriter a couple of weeks ago and the day finally arrived. Having not worked for over a year and a half – due to my son being born – it was very daunting getting back into the swing of things. I had to face the working world again and have an adult conversation without goo goo gagga-ing every so often.

But funnily enough, I lost my baby brain the moment I stepped through the front door. I was given a tour of the factory which was built in 1901. I even saw the tools that are used to make silverware – the original ones that were used over a hundred years ago.

It was nothing like I expected – you can see how skilled the Broadway Silver craftsmen are. From stamping and spinning to polishing and getting the silver Hallmarked – aka the royal seal of approval – it’s mind blowing.

But the finishing product is worth waiting for – from hairbrushes and frames to scent sprays and pillboxes – the list is endless. There’s even an embossed sterling silver mirror that has a Beauty and the Beast feel to it.

We rarely know what goes on behind the scenes of a Silversmiths – I don’t even think words can do any justice on how hard our guys work – so that’s where I come in. You’ll be able to watch behind the scenes footage and have a sneak peek of the silverware on LinkedIn and Instagram @broadway.silver – so get following.

Love from
Jaskiran x

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‘Home is where my Mum is’ – Mother’s Day



It’s that time of the year again – the day where we honour mothers. So why not show your appreciation by sprinkling a little silver into their life?

Mother’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s – nearly as long as we’ve been around. It started off as a holiday in America and it’s now celebrated worldwide.

We have a range of elegant silverware, perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. From Victorian style dressing table sets that include a brush using the finest pure bristle from Kent Brushes, to a compact handheld mirror which will slip nicely into a clutch bag. We also have refillable scent sprays with a perfume puffer. You can view our range here.

All our products are made in the Birmingham factory and to this day we still use the tools that were handmade – yes handmade – by the founder of our company William Benjamin Broadway in 1901.

On that note, we wish all the Mums a Happy Mother’s Day. Put your feet up and let the kids spoil you rotten.

Love from the Broadway Team x

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Makers Marks on Sterling Silver

A hallmark is an official mark indicating a standard of purity. They are used in marking both gold and silver items assayed. Assaying is a term used when examining or analysing the quality and quantity of silver or gold. Hallmarks also serve as a special indication of genuineness or good quality. Continue reading Makers Marks on Sterling Silver